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As you have arrived at the home page of All Saints Paston may I take this opportunity before you navigate further of welcoming you to our web site and indeed welcoming you to the fellowship that is All Saints.

All Saints is Church of England and our parish covers the areas of Paston, Walton and Gunthorpe. The Church family will be preparing in 2017 to celebrate our 800 years of sharing the good news of Jesus with the people we serve and minister to.

Although the church has been here over many generations the thread that binds us together is the love that God has for us in Jesus Christ and our desire to renew and recreate our communities through that love.

Our Web site is in the process of being weekly recreated (rather like, we hope, ourselves and our church) and if you have comments over how we can make it better or if there is a question or information not answered or found on the web site then please contact us.

With this church’s warmest wishes as you now explore our site further.


Mark Bridgen

Rector (since October, 2015)












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